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Originally Posted by DubiDubiDoo View Post
But again, we are not talking about whether Dolan and Cablevision are right in their assumption and implications. I'm not looking to drag this out, but you must understand that it is indeed their implication. I'm not sure why your not getting this. I know for a fact that Cablevision will use any ruling in favor of a verizon claim of competitive disadvantage in an effort to get NFL sunday ticket.

You say my arguement doesn't further cablevisions cause, and to be honest I could really care less about Dolans arguement, but then why is it that MSG and Cablevison are not allowed to make business decisions as freely as the NFL does with its broadcast rights?

What everyone here is missing is that what Cablevision was doing was never violating any rules or laws. In fact, it was purposely allowed for terrestrial cable providers to be able to better compete. Now with the FCC ruling they are trying to change the rules to make what cablevision (and others) is doing wrong, if a competitor is suffering because of it. Thats how these things work, if you don't see the correlation, I don't know what to say. Cablevision will make the claim that it is at a competitive disadvantage if directTV is allowed to compete in the same market area with sole access to NFL football. I'm making no claims that they are correct or not, I'm just putting it out ther based on what I hear.

Everyone keeps crying its a crime its a crime, its not...its just business and last I checked its still America.
What makes the issue even more complex is that Dolan isn't "officially" any part of MSG and the content side of the business. If I remember correctly they legally split the companies so you have Cablevision as 1 entity, MSG and MSG Network as another etc etc. So in essence even though we all know Dolan has his hands in it etc etc they can legally argue that Cablevision is buying a product from MSG and MSG network and who MSG network allows to buy that product is up to them NOT cablevision.

It does follow the same idea of the NFL and their offering. NFL decides who gets the product and what kind of product it will be. The biggest difference is that there isn't the air of collusion around the NFL / directv deal as there is with Cablevision blocking FiOS and others.

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