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Originally Posted by Garbage Goal View Post
Albeit the fact that Guerin is taking up a preseason spot from some players that do deserve a look at (Maroon or Legein for example).

Dude, if Maroon or Legein are making this team they have some big troubles. They are AHL players, the closest guy to a callup would be Nodl and up to this point he has not shown the ability to finish consistently enough. Nice little player but a dime a dozen.

So, for the millionth time, what's the point? He doesn't provide anything our other guys can't and he would be a 35+ contract. The latter is just fact.

There's no point at all to signing a bad player even if he comes cheap. None whatsoever.
The guy gives experience and the ability to put points on the board. havign three lines that have the ability to score is how Homer has designed the lineup. My own preference would be to have a guy like Malhotra in the lineup as the 3rd line center and flank him with guys like Carcillo and Hartnell.

Locker room presence, along with "veteran experience", is usually an excuse to make positives for a player that really doesn't have anything else to contribute. Matt Walker brings "locker room presence", but that doesn't mean I want him.
Locker room presence can also be considered an on-ice coach to kids like Giroux nad JvR who are still getting their feet wet. Having the ability to coach through the years of experience that a guy like Guerin brings is very valuable to young players just coming in and trying to figure it all out.

Even if I thought "veteran presence" (whatever the hell that means) were important, we already have that. Pronger, Timonen, Briere, Boucher, Shelley, O'Donnell, and Laperriere are all 33 or older and have been in the league for quite a while. Richards, Carter, Hartnell, and Betts aren't exactly new to the league either. Nearly everyone on our team has SCF experience now.
O'Donnell, Pronger and Guerin are the only ones to actually have their name on the Cup though.

If you don't want to acknowledge that virtually all 35+ contracts are risks and hard(er) to get out of then I don't know what to say anyways.

If you are worried about a $550,000 roster spot to a 35+ contract you are looking way too far into this, expecially if Guerin gives them a better chance to win. Homer is the River Boat Gambler.

He does? Guerin played with the best center in the world last year and received top PP time for the whole year yet Carcillo scored more goals at ES. Not to mention the fact that Carcillo spent half of last year on a checking line.
Crosby also worked at being more of a scorer, thus his 50+ goals. Jordan Staal had only 49 points, is he a dud too?

It doesn't have to be Carcillo either. Maroon, Powe, anyone. I don't care. The point is that Guerin is a downgrade at worst and marginal upgrade at the very best. There's no point to it.

So you have no other plan, just do not let it be Guerin. Wow, nice problem solving.

-Every Pens fan acknowledge that Guerin is a crappy player.
After winning the Cup I bet they did not say that.

-The Pens management (which, again, is clearly better then ours) chose not to re-sign Guerin despite having virtually no good wingers.
As stated before, the Pens also let Recchi go, does not mean the player cannot contribute elsewhere, sometimes it is just a change of scenery.

-No team wanted him so he now has to resort to a tryout contract.

-Guerin is going to be 40 very soon.
Lidstrom is 40, does that make him a horrible player?

-Guerin has looked like utter **** this whole pre-season as well as all of last year.
Poor enough to still be the 5th best scorer on the Pens roster.

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