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09-24-2010, 12:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
At no point have you been realistic... you're acting like something negative has happened when, in fact, nothing has happened. A hockey player is playing hockey in the Flyers training camp... and may make the team.

That's it.
Annnd thanks for proving that you have no idea what you're talking about or what I'm talking about.

Like I've said a million ****ing times already
, I know nothing negative has happened. I'm just saying I don't think anything especially positive can come of it. There's a very big difference there.

...There are 5o-whatever players in camp, Guerin isn't impacting their ability to get a look. This is a completely specious argument.
So you're just gonna ignore the fact that, right before acknowledging that Guerin is taking up a pre-season spot, I also acknowledged that I don't mind that Guerin is simply on a tryout.

Okay, keep ignoring what I'm saying. Have fun with that.

Pronger, Timonen, and O'Donnell are defense. Boucher... seriously? Shelley... seriously? Briere, Laperriere, Richards, Carter, Hartnell, and Betts... all lack rings.
You said, very ****ing clearly, "veteran experience". Shelley is a veteran. Boucher is a veteran. Whether or not a player has rings doesn't affect whether or not they have veteran experience. So please be a bit more clear about what you're arguing next time.

Like I said before, **** like "cup experience", "locker room presence", and "veteran experience" just seems like something that people use to pump up players have little else to contribute. You could call Shelley a good locker room guy with veteran experirence, but i still don't ****ing want him.

If you want to pump up Guerin then try to use something a bit more tangible.

Matt Walker probably won't even dress on a regular basis.
*once again clearly missing the point*

Intangibles and experience matter... not as much as youth and talent, but we got plenty of the latter.
We have plenty of all of that.

In the thread discussing that Guerin had been invited to training camp... meaning, before they had ever put on skates, you have 20 posts... the next closest is NWO. Are you telling me that if I go read through those 20 posts I won't find a pretty consistent mantra hating the idea?
Yes. Go on if you want. I've said the same exact ****ing thing the whole time.

I'm fine with the tryout itself, I just don't think anything positive can come of it.

You've flipped on him even being invited, before a single preseason game was played, from the start... and you're continuing it.
I love how you keep exaggerating and making up stuff by describing me with hyperbole like "flipped". Gets better the more you do it.

I listed all the obvious warning signs before. It's not my problem if you choose to brush them off.

Seriously... relax.
I am. Apparently discussing things on a discussion forum means I'm flipping out though, according to you.

I'm also going to quote you from above:

1) Zero positive result.

2) Taking up space that would be better used by other, younger players.

Seems pretty *ing awful he's around to me.
I don't know if you like to ignore everything I said and take stuff out of context or what, but I clearly said right before that that I don't mind him getting a tryout and that the only reason it bothers me at all is because I don't see anything positive coming out of it. That doesn't mean anything negative is going to come out of it though.

You are willfully ignoring a precedent, not a year old, of a team terminating the contract of a 35+ player and not paying his cap hit.
So are you going to ignore the part where I said I haven't been a hardcore fan long enough to discuss old moves?

If you want to just ignore **** that happened, then I don't know what to say anyways.
Hey pot, meet kettle.

In your opinion, fine... doesn't mean you need to be freaking the **** out about him in September.
You really love hyperbole.

Not one of these points means that Guerin is done. Not one. Think about that.
So you're just going to brush all of those warning signs off again with not legitimate reason or argument? Awesome. I'm sure that those things, especially collectively, mean nothing at all and there's no such thing as a 40 year-old forward losing his stuff.

I'm done arguing with you. You're stuffing words into my mouth, you clearly don't understand what I'm trying to say, and you're choosing to just ignore all of the valid things I'm saying. I'm done here.

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