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09-24-2010, 01:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Garbage Goal View Post
I'm done arguing with you. You're stuffing words into my mouth, you clearly don't understand what I'm trying to say, and you're choosing to just ignore all of the valid things I'm saying. I'm done here.
I'm actually not... I'm taking what you're saying pretty literally.

For example, right there, you are stating that you don't care that he's in camp, but complaining that he's taking up time that would be better served by young players.

Your words:

I don't care if he's in our camp. I'm just stating what I think to be fact. I don't see any positive result that could come of giving Guerin a tryout. None.

Albeit the fact that Guerin is taking up a preseason spot from some players that do deserve a look at (Maroon or Legein for example).
You want to have it both ways. You're arguing that you don't care, but then noting a specific grievance (which you clearly care about or you wouldn't bring it up), while also adding the caveat that there is zero positive value to him being in camp.

No positive value + negative value = negative value.

You're contradicting yourself in your very posts on Guerin as you present it as "fricking horrible idea" [your words from when he was first accepted the tryout] while at the same time trying to walk it back to some reasonable perspective of him just being one of many folks in camp.

And hiding behind historical ignorance is pretty weak... look it up man. Mark Recchi was clearly NOT done when he got waived by the Pens (as noted with him playing rather well against us in the playoffs last year). In fact, he's posted 144 pts in 214 games since the Pens decided he was "done." He was 39 y/o when the waived him. Same age as Guerin...

And Shanny happened last year. You were a member of this site when Shanny had his contract terminated.

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