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09-24-2010, 01:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
i stopped reading and discounted all your other posts after this.
That is just plain silly on your part my friend, Been a Flyers fan since 1967, grew up there etc.I played Goalie for years, and have also watched and played hockey over in Europe during my 20 years in the military [USAF].I know enough about goal tending to know a good goalie when i see one, and after watching a few tapes of this cat i can see he has tremendous fundamentals and great net presence etc that your typical MINORS rookie don't have.
My original post simply says to give this cat a legit shot to make our club.He may very well prove not to be ready and indeed may need to go to the AHL affiliate, BUT i like what i have seen of him,and his lateral motion alone is SUPERIOR to anyone we have in my opinion.I do not dislike Leighton, or Boosh etc, but i see things in this cat that i think warrant he getting a GOOD THOROUGH look during pre season.Again, forget about the ROOKIE status and enough of that " he needs to get use to the NHL players and game etc " nonsense.....They might need to get use to him and his game and figure him out ! Ever think about it that way ? I can see exactly why he is here,and i can see what the upper management see in him by just watching the videos i have looked at....I like him !

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