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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
To a great degree, because Sidney Crosby sat down last summer and decided HE was going to score more goals... which he then went about doing. Just like when he decided to improve on draws.

Tough to score a lot of goals when your linemate decides he's going to start cashing in more.

Crosby scored 1.68 goals/60minutes last year of 5 on 5 play. It had been 1.16 goals/60 minutes the year before.

Crosby's primary assists last year were 1.14/60 minutes. Dropping from 1.31/60 minutes.

Now, before you simply blame Guerin for that... he also took the most shots of his career (what he specifically worked on).

There are other factors afoot...

Is Guerin the player he once was? Certainly not. But saying, "Oh, he was with Crosby..." doesn't necessarily work as some great critique of his goal scoring. Crosby spent the summer working on his shot and then spent the season proving it to the league. He was 5th in the league in SOG last year, and 19th in missed shots. He was putting the puck towards goal... a lot. The year before he was 39th in SOG, and 58th in missed shots.

There ya go.

I watched a lot of Carcillo *ing glorious chances from Richards last year... would rather see someone with Guerin's shot on the other side of the pass, frankly. Doesn't mean it will work out.
I know all of this.

It doesn't mean that Guerin shouldn't get ANY points.

If Crosby decided he was going to improve his shot and shoot to score more, then his linemates SHOULD pick up a noticeable boost in assists.

If Crosby's increase in goals didn't translate to an increase in assists and higher point totals for Guerin (which it really didn't), that means Guerin just wasn't involved in the play...which is certainly in line with his lack of speed and being out of the play right now.

Correct me if I'm wrong, because I may very well be, but were you the person saying that more scoring depth should produce higher point totals across the board for the Flyers this year in terms of primary and secondary assists being increased?

Well, that same theory sort of applies here. If Crosby scores more goals, the people around him should be getting more assists too. And Guerin didn't.

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