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Originally Posted by infidelappel View Post
Dude, we all like him.

We're not saying he needs time to adjust to the NHL players and game just for the sake of saying it or nitpicking. We're saying it because he's demonstrated a few things that are giving him problems now and most definitely will in a regular season setting. And according to Jeff Reese, it's something they're definitely seeing in practice too.

We all also want to see more of him in preseason, but the fact of the matter is that making the team isn't necessarily in his best interest right now. We'll see as camp progresses, but right now he needs to learn when to play big. Fluid and speedy lateral motion alone isn't enough. It's a huge asset that nobody else on our depth chart has, but it's not the only part of goaltending. I've been a goalie for years, too, and as an experienced 'tender surely you have to acknowledge that lateral motion is huge, but playing big - especially in traffic (which is huge in the NHL) - is equally if not more important.

Lateral motion helps you when you're out of position or tracking a quick play side-side. Being big and keeping your hands in the right spot helps you when the shot's coming straight on, which is more common. BoboCop is listed at 6'2", but he has that super low stance that makes him smaller in the net than he really is. He's going to have to adjust his game to make sure that he either a) plays bigger, or b) learns to keep his hands up to compensate.

He definitely has the talent and attitude to be a very good goalie in this league, but I really think you're overrating his readiness.
Fair enough ! I respect your post and you make a a few solid points.Personally i would like to see him get his legit shot to see if he is ready ? I am not overrating his readiness, i am saying give him the keys to the car and let him drive it a little farther than you would let your avg rookie so we can see if he is ready, or if he needs to go to the AHL.....Sometimes you get one of them cats that is real special and you don't want to clip his wings like you do with others that come along through the system, sometimes you get one that you just need to let em have a go at it, no safety net required, that can kill their spirit in a way...As you know goal tending is a very precise skill in some ways and in other ways its completely chaotic and unscripted.

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