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Originally Posted by nuckss View Post

Subject says it all. After my z-bubble broke I got a Dolomite Warrior II stick and I hate it. I find it too stiff, and it is very uncomfortable if you are taking a lot of hard shots.

Back in the day, I used the PMP 5030 and I just bought another one.

I like it alot but compared to the composites, it is heavy, and probably not as durable. I used to go through one every three games. That gets expensive.

So, which one piece composite feels most like this stick? Like I say, I find most of the composites too stiff. It seems all I find (even at Cyclone Taylor in Vancouver) is 100 flex and a few 85 flex.

The dolomite claimed to be 85 flex but I find it very stiff.

Help me out!
I would suggest a 77 flex one95.

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