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10-04-2003, 09:54 AM
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Originally Posted by PecaFan
As for the study, I seriously question the rating of good shot/ bad shot by zone only. A Donald Brashear limp wrister from the face off dot is a hard shot to stop while an Al Macinnis 100+ mph slap shot from the point through a screen on the power play is a bad goal?

There is no objective standard you can use for good shot / bad shot. Much like pornography "you know it when you see it". You need to give your contributors more freedom than "it was from the point, bad goal."
If I can get people to volunteer, I'll ask for that info as part of the data - that way I can sort things out across lots of criteria. On the surface, I want to distinguish shots based on the area on the ice where the shot is taken, but yes - ultimately I want to chart things like type of shot, was it screened, and such things.

And's potentially a massive project - which is why I'm looking for a little help. All I need is some people to collect data for some games, I'll do all the data crunching from there.

No promises this time.
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