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09-24-2010, 04:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
guerin was on crosby's wing. recchi wasn't. i also dont know why people here are acting like guerin is a young dude who's numbers will increase with age. they won't. just WATCH the ****ing guy, he is terrible. he is clearly declining fast. no good will come from signing him.

if you need to know anything more, just go ask the penguins forum how they feel about guerin. my buddy is a pens fan. his nickname for guerin: "Lazy." he, and any other rational pens fan, thinks that ditching guerin and having him sign with the flyers is absolutely fantastic. i'd rather not do things to our team that make pens fans happy.

edit: same goes to jester. seriously, why in the hell do you want to sign an aging, slow player on his decline, who can't stop turning over the puck?
Read above, I think the dude is a dick and wish he wasn't here. But his season last year was not the travesty it is being made out to be. And signing anyone to a 1-year, cheap deal isn't the developing disaster it is being made out to be.

More of a response... below...

Originally Posted by DUHockey9 View Post
I'm actually shocked Jester is defending Guerin. I'm normally on board with 99% of what he says.

The idea of Bill Guerin, and what he once was, is perfect for this team. I just don't think he has it.
If Lavi decides he can't hack it... then he won't be on the team and/or playing for the team. Lavi proved last year with Leino that he wasn't going to put out a guy just because Holmgren handed him to him. I have to assume the two of them are talking and, unlike Holmgren, I do have some faith in Lavi as of now.

If Lavi wants Guerin, then Lavi should have Guerin. There are no significant salary cap ramifications to signing Guerin, so it isn't that big a deal.

The funny part, is usually I'm labeled the reactionary hater around here...

Originally Posted by xchrisx159 View Post
I wonder how when he watches game film and he doesn't realize he just doesn't have it anymore
He's getting paid to play a game (or will be, theoretically). Why would you stop playing if someone wanted you and you still wanted to?

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