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09-24-2010, 05:46 PM
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Your Scariest Moment at Hockey

I just had the scariest moment of my life playing hockey last night (even worse than the time I got hit and I tried to get up but I couldn't move).

I was flying down the boards along the bench of the opposing team. My blades were a bit dull but I was close to full speed considering how fast my dull skates could get me going. I didn't have the puck, the defender on my side was curling back towards the boards. Well he just had good body position on the puck and kind of pinched me over the boards. The scary part was that was just where the glass started after the bench. I saw it at the last second so I tried to slam the brakes but still took the hit pretty hard. My upper body hit the boards and froze there while my legs almost went horizontal. It didn't really hurt since I slowed down enough but instantly the defender realized what happened, stopped, and checked to see if I was ok (it's a non-contact league and most of the guys are usually really relaxed). I didn't think much of it during the game because I wasn't hurt and I was too into it but thinking about it afterwards, if I was going full speed I probably would have been knocked out or at the least, dislocated my shoulder or something.

Anybody else have any scary moments that freak you out just thinking of them?

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