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09-24-2010, 08:20 PM
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I've had a handful of relatively scary moments, only one involving me. But playing/watching roller hockey for years I've seen my fair share of scary stuff.

For the longest time, the goalie for my older brother's roller hockey team(puck) did not have a throat guard, and had a very low cut chest protector. At least 3 separate occasions, he took a puck to the throat/collarbone, but luckily he was okay after everyone.

A teammate of mine stepped up to block a slapshot, and the follow-through of the kids stick hit him right in the throat. Once again, okay, but that was scary as hell.

I've seen a handful of high sticks/pucks to the face. Stitches in eyebrows, chins, cheeks.

Scariest thing to ever happen to me... I blocked a slapshot, launched by a guy who really knew how to hit 'em. Hit me right in the arm. It hurt, no big deal. I got up, and started skating. Noticed something didn't feel right. I look down, and I'm holding my stick in only my one hand. I had completely lost all feeling in my right arm, and it was just hanging by my side. I immediately got off the rink and started freaking out, trying to see if it was broken or what the hell was wrong with it. My entire upper arm was bruised, and it took a long time before I could feel it again, let alone get back on the rink and play. No long term damage, but damn was I scared when I realized my arm wasn't working.

Scariest thing I've ever been a part of, was playing street hockey. Two kids racing for a ball, one kid on skates(very small kid, 5'8, 170 pounds) racing against a very big kid on foot(6'4, 250). The kid on foot cut in front of the kid on skates, and stepped on the blade of his stick. The kid on skates, skating a full speed, was jabbed in the gut by the butt-end of his stick. Snapped the stick in half, and hurt him pretty bad. We were just a bunch of kids back then, I was probably 14 or 15 at the time(18 now), but we did a pretty good job of keeping calm and getting through the situation. We thought maybe he had broken a rib or something. Turns out, he had multiple lacerations to his liver, and had actually taken a chunk out of it. Brutal stuff. He's okay now, but he never ceases to remind us about the time he "died" playing street hockey...

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