Thread: Speculation: Sean Avery a goner?
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09-24-2010, 09:53 PM
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Originally Posted by HockeyBurd View Post
*Ugh* Another "typical" internet cliche... no, I'm not better. But I think I can communicate without a blanket insult as the only means to retort somebody's point with no substantive discourse in said response... BETTER.

I assume a bunch of posts were deleted by mods that I can't address. Not that it matters since it's an insignificant issue all together.

As to your "bringing in more business" than I do? I have no idea (neither do you) and I couldn't care less. I do fairly well at least to the point where I do "know the meaning of marketing". I do however wish you well in your marketing endeavors. Godspeed. I'll chalk up your opinion that Avery isn't a marketable draw more to a bias rather than an indictment of your abilities.
Marketable can mean one of two things in this case: Either he is worth a lot in a trade or he adds cash to the organization.

I maintain he is worth near nothing in a trade. Do you disagree?

I maintain that he puts incredibly negligible money into the pockets of Dolan. He has zero effect on attendance, TV revenue, and advertising dollars.

The only thing you could argue he brings in is some Jersey sales. How much do you think gets spent on Avery jerseys and how much of that goes into Dolan's pockets?

If there is another way he is marketable, I'm missing it.

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