Thread: Speculation: Sean Avery a goner?
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09-24-2010, 11:11 PM
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Originally Posted by chosen View Post
Marketable can mean one of two things in this case: Either he is worth a lot in a trade or he adds cash to the organization.

I maintain he is worth near nothing in a trade. Do you disagree?

I maintain that he puts incredibly negligible money into the pockets of Dolan. He has zero effect on attendance, TV revenue, and advertising dollars.

The only thing you could argue he brings in is some Jersey sales. How much do you think gets spent on Avery jerseys and how much of that goes into Dolan's pockets?

If there is another way he is marketable, I'm missing it.
Obviously he is untradeable. It wouldn't have made any sense for me to refer to him as marketable on the trade market given that my point was his marketability is a reason why they wouldn't "dump him" to the minors or whatever unrealistic (at this point) options people are proposing.

No offense but I can't keep arguing something that is so obviously true. He is wildly popular. He is good looking (women care about these things in hockey). He is controversial. He generates much press. He sells jerseys (not nearly as significant for the revenue as much as an indicator). His name is chanted across MSG. His game is very advert friendly. Avery hockey is made for photos and for replays. As I have already stated... and I'm sorry but I just can't believe I have to convince anybody of something so completely undeniable... Avery hockey easily can be marketed to attract new fans. All ages and all genders. While his antics aren't going to discourage a significant share. He's a press machine, a controversy machine, a tabloid presence and a figure that transcends just the hockey side. He's a crossover celebrity. With potential given his play returning to form and the Rangers having success.

Now obviously I'm not talking about any kind of situation were he actually does become some kind of a team cancer. I'm talking about the Rangers version of Avery.

Originally Posted by eco's bones View Post
To be honest I could give two s***s whether Avery puts more money in Dolan's pockets or not.
I think it's safe to say that nobody does. The point was... even though it's irrelevant because there aren't enough forwards to play him off the team... that Avery's fan appeal and the inherent financial consequence also plays a role.

Originally Posted by wolfgaze View Post
Any debate about Sean Avery's marketability need not include vocabulary words such as: substantive discourse - indictment - godspeed - retort - etc. I know what all these words mean, but you don't have to bring them out for the purpose of trying to trump the poster you're debating with.
I did not try to trump anybody with my use of magically eloquent words. I'm just magically eloquent by my nature. God made me that way.

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