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09-25-2010, 12:54 AM
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HNA league, I was playing left wing and got into a race for the puck with the other team's defender, straight towards the sideboards. I tried to time my hockey stop so I would be just close enough to swat the puck into the corner, but when I turned my skates the outside edge grabbed, and I pitched forward headfirst into the boards. Between the moment my skates grabbed, and the moment the top of my head hit I actually had time to think 'I'm going to be paralyzed'.

I heard a tremendous bang when I hit, and just took a second before I tried to move anything. Realized not only could I move my fingers and my feet, but I wasn't even dizzy from the impact. It had happened close to my team's bench, so they started yelling at the ref to stop play as soon as I hit, but once I realized I was okay, I just jumped back up and got into the play again. They were amazed.

I have no idea how I wasn't hurt, I guess I was just extremely lucky.

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