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09-25-2010, 08:11 AM
Pierre Gotye
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Appreciate everyone's input.

Captaining a team is difficult when people only want to play forward, you have a shaky defense and an unreliable goalie.

There were a couple of guys from my team I was probably a tad bit harsh on.

One guy has a decent shot but routinely over-commits when he plays defense.

I was so frustrated that even when I tried to help tell him where he needed to be he ignored what I said.

When he played D in our zone for whatever reason I never understood he liked to be on my side of the ice literally right beside or behind me to try and scoop up loose pucks. But it always left his side of the ice wide open and cost us a few times. Maybe I got on his ass a bit too hard, but he should have known better, we've seen this play a bazillion times and discussed it.

Another guy and I had a falling out, but again was being sloppy defensively and I got on him again. Same situation as the other guy but he was playing forward.

At any rate, I am at an interesting juncture. My D2 team(lower level than I like to play) wants me to come back and play full-time.

I got a call (twice) from a D league team that wants me to play. But I have faced these guys before and hadn't cared for them in the past.

(Their goalie once got into a fight with a defenseman from his team). When we beat their team he also refused to shake my goaltenders hand. I have had a hard time forgiving him for that. No matter how much I hate a guy on the ice, I will always shake his hand afterwards.

We also had a goal disallowed in a shootout because the goalie talked the ref out of the goal. Another guy in a different game who I know of, tripped me and I pulled my tricep when I fell down(it still acts up every now and then).

So I have yet to call him back, because I am not quite sure if I want to play for them or not.

My option is to join his team and play with them(maybe not get along with them, but I won't know for sure). But it would be good in a way because I can play against one of my former team-mates who blackballed me and I could show him what he missed out on. Or of course go play D2.

I might play splits with both also. I'll just have to see.

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