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09-25-2010, 08:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Trojan35 View Post
If I'm understanding this correctly...
  1. You captained a team.
  2. It broke up.
  3. Half started a new team, without you as captain.
  4. The other half started a new team, without you at all.
  5. And now that other half still doesn't want you playing with them.
We can call that politics , but to me it just sounds like your prior teammates don't like you.
I had an option to play for both or either team. I assistant captained another team. I could only give my Captain so much advice on how to do lines and such. Some of the times he would agree, other times not. Once I proved a point when I told him a couple of guys were bad pairings and we lost a game.

The other team, the guy who ran it I could have played with. But he wanted me to be a 'paid' sub. Or play full time. Kind of strange, I never charged subs, they were doing me a favor. At any rate I told him, I would prefer to pay him on a game by game basis.

He told me he would get me in at some point, but I wouldn't be priority. So I told him ok...needless to say he never called. I guess that was his way of saying he didn't want me. Ok fine, it would have just been easier had he said no from the start. Never quite figured out why some people just can't say no.

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