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09-25-2010, 09:02 AM
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Originally Posted by NWO View Post
1. so you have bascialy done a 360 in regards to Maroon, like how you spin it though.
So, if I pulled a 360, I'm back where I started?

Originally Posted by NWO View Post
2. Yep, I dont like the prospect pool. It does suck. Doesnt mean i dislike everyone. I have backed nodl since day 1, long before you were around, when he was getting buried by people. You can be confident all you want that i talked about Nodle, again you would be wrong. To say i suddenly like Nodl is another incorrect statement made by you.
Whatever works.

Originally Posted by NWO View Post
3. You dont know who Cliff Claven is? wow.

Originally Posted by NWO View Post
4. I dont want neither one of them in the top 9 the way the team is constructed. Yeah I will still say he is a not a top 9 player. Just because he beat out Guerin, which isnt happening, doesnt make you a top 9 player. He would be there by default because in their eyes he is the best option. Still doesnt make him a top 9 player. Carcillo is a better option than Nodl. Unril Nodl shows some offense.
Then you want someone with offensive talent? Like Maroon?

Originally Posted by NWO View Post
5. You were skeptical of Testicles? It wasnt imagined by me. You had him pencilled in as top 9 player at times, always brough up his name over the summer when talking about forwards. He has been invisible.
I said Testwuide was a less offensive version of Maroon with better skating. That's basically what we would be using him for even though there are a few other minor differences between them. Their role would be very similar on the Flyers.

I figured either he or Maroon might make the team. Now it's looking like it's between Nodl and Guerin.

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