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09-25-2010, 10:32 AM
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Originally Posted by might2mash View Post
Like this season, he was hurt and didn't pitch in the playoffs, but that's probably who he meant.
I was thinking that he was an option and in the pen... but, you may be correct and by that point he was on the shelf. I remember he was sharing games with Pedro in the second half, and that Pedro was the clear leader between the two going on, whether or not Moyer was injured.

... And Martinez was playing that last game of the series on shear heart as he was reported to be ill. Have to tip my cap at that for sure... The team didn't quit; they were just beat by a hair or so... But the team was nowhere near as set up as this one is. That is not to say that they will even win a series... who knows how things will pan out... but they are stacked and well situated for a long run, IMO.

Sorry for any brain farts that I may have had in time lines... but I'm sure you got my point.

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