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09-25-2010, 11:12 AM
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Originally Posted by ponder View Post
I have used cheap one piece composites, and hate them, for the most part they are a total waste of money and IMO way worse than a good wood stick. Maybe there are some really good cheap one out there, but the ones I've used generally do not flex nicely, are very "pingy" (terrible puck feel), when you shoot it feels like you're smacking a stiff piece of plastic into the ice instead of a nice smooth, whippy stick feel. I just do not see why anyone would chose a cheap one piece over a wood stick, other than weight. In contrast, the higher end one piece sticks can have a nice whippy feel for great snap/wrist shots, and can have puck feel similar to a wood stick. After years and years of using wood sticks and the odd cheap composite I recently got a one95 (77 flex), and it really just is so much nicer to play with, especially when it comes to shooting and receiving passes. My advice would be stick with high end wood sticks or splurge on a nice composite, entry level composites are just not fun to play with.
Wood sticks are total garbage, they lasted me no more than one or two times on the ice. I spent $45 on top-end woodies, and then $15 more on cheap composites, which have lasted far longer. It is more than a weight issue, the woodies get wet and start cracking very quickly. I honestly cannot believe how people played using them for so many decades, they are awful

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