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09-25-2010, 12:42 PM
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It's true that I have no idea what goes on behind closed doors, but that doesn't stop me from having an opinion. And if we can't have opinions, why the heck are we posting on a message board. (remembering now why I've stayed away for 2 years).

That said, I understand why Weber is C. He's young, he's starting to be recognized in the NHL community (FINALLY) and he has always been one to chirp on the bench. I hear him the few times a year I get to sit behind the bench.

Sullivan is a natural choice for A. He clearly has the respect, seniority, and personality. Community events, practices, etc he's always there as a positive spokesman for the team.

The 2nd A I don't necessarily agree with. Suter may very well be a leader in the locker room - I'm not there I don't know - but he's never come across to me as personable or as someone who is looking out for anyone other than himself and may Weber. He's got the last name of Suter and my few interactions with him have left me with the impression he feels entitled. I don't question his work ethic. Just his leadership.

Legwand and Erat may not have wanted the A, but I would have chosen either of them over Suter. Legwand has been with the team the longest certainly, but both he and Erat can be seen on the ice guiding the others - talking to the others, etc. They aren't yelling with a bullhorn, but skating up beside their temmates offering instruction and encouragement. Quietly. Would have chosen one of them.

Weber and Suter may be the "foundation" of this team that we're building around, but Erat and Legwand aren't going anywhere anytime soon. They're the new veterans once Dumont and Sullivan are out the door.

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