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Originally Posted by Shadow Flyer View Post
Which doesn't at all take into account that none of these Flyers were all the great in the regular season, nor does it take into account the quality of their ice time and who they played with the majority of the time. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say this also includes PP time, and you and I both know that it shouldn't.

Anyway, enough beating that dead horse. The proof will be in the pudding over the course of an 82-game season as a member of the Philadelphia Flyers.
It doesn't, those are 5 on 5 numbers per 60 minutes of play.

And saying that they weren't good during the regular season... I mean, really? You can't chastise Guerin for his lack of production and when that is put against other players just say they didn't have good regular seasons. Guerin produced goals at a higher clip than 3 of our best scoring line players.

Had to be doing something right.

EDIT: Guerin's 5 on 4 rate was 2.00 goals/60 minutes (which was the best on the Pens for regular PP players). Lower than our team for the most part (better than Gagne), but that's not shocking because the Pens have struggled with the PP the last couple of years.

Originally Posted by Valhoun View Post
Sucking while playing on Crosby's wing is a pretty decent indicator...
...scoring 45 points in the NHL.... ain't "sucking." This league ain't that easy to play in, I don't care who you're on the ice with.

Guerin would also not be asked to play as big a role on this team, which would probably help him out if overuse was a factor for him.

However, until Lavi gives me a reason not to, I'm going to trust his judgment.

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