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10-04-2003, 09:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Medicine Twin
Ward outplayed Ryder last year in the AHL regular season AND in the playoffs. Ward HAS played in the NHL, while Ryder has not. In fact Ward has played really well in his most recent NHL stint. Don't get too far ahead of yourselves guys. Until Ryder shows he can produce more than Ward in the NHL, he shouldn't be ahead of him on the depth chart.

I still find it funny that I was one of the only ones who thought Ryder would even make the team just a month ago, now I'm trying to tell people not to get too high on him...
OK i follow you.. Ward as NHL experience... thats all? are you kidding me? Ward got Drafted 11th OVERALL thank god he played in the NHL.. I mean.. did they have the Choice? now Ryder was selected in the 8th round!! they never saw as a legit NHLer but he work a lot and for the last 2 season has been receiving more ice time (before that he was always playing in 3th or 4th lines.. and send TWICE to the ECHL) everytime he played in top lines he produce big time.. finnally he got off the 8th round label. its time to shine now. this kid was better than Ward during last year playoffs.. what you dont know is that Ryder was injured and that the games you didnt see on TV he dominate.

anyway, I also think Ryder "should" be rated higher than Ward.. but is it the case? thats another story.

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