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09-25-2010, 07:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Valhoun View Post
Are you stoned?

You are describing, at worst, solid 3rd line players. They get paid prohibitively much to be on the 4th line. No team can afford that. Certainly not the Flyers who have so much tied up in defense. Last season, when healthy, the Flyers had the best 4th line in the league. I'm not sure why you are even trying to upgrade it. There isn't anything to upgrade. Our 4th line is reasonably priced and extremely effective.

This isn't NHL 11. You can't have 4 lines without any holes. The Flyers are lucky to have such a great 4th line as it is.
Actually I was joking, about putting the agents on Flyers payroll.

Originally Posted by harakiri View Post
Name a 4th liner that can score and is an elite pker.
But, I think both you guys have missed my point, or at least partly missed it. All I am saying is put together the best 4th line possible. There is nothing against having a checking 4th line which has scoring ability, and if the Flyers can do that by replacing Lappy with another player who has better scoring ability and who is solid defensively, especially if he matches up well/better against another teams lineup then I would hope the Flyers do that..... I think it may be possible, especially if a rookie plays wells and can break the lineup, which I think some of the rookies may be able to accomplish, or at least I hope one of them can do it.

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