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09-25-2010, 07:43 PM
Bort Sampson
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We were playing in one of the playoff games in a Christmas tournament. I was playing the point on the power play and the puck got iced, so I went to chase it. As I got to the corner my feet got taken out from under me by the forechecker and I went head first into the boards close to full speed, with my neck taking a lot of the force because of the awkward angle. I was out of it and woke up staring at the ceiling. Was taken out of the game, and despite the 5-on-3 my team got from the guy tripping me, they couldn't hold onto the lead we had in the game and we were knocked out of the tournament.

I also had a scary moment in an actual High School playoff game. I saw a guy with his head down accepting a pass between the red line and blue line, and so I stepped up to separate him from the puck. When he accepted the puck, he must have leaned over, and my shoulder made contact with his head. The rest of his body just continued on in full motion and he ended up almost holding onto me. At first I thought he had a problem with the hit, so I told him impolitely to get off of me, and I shook him off. Turns out the guy was knocked out cold after the initial contact. I've hit guys hard before, but I thought I killed the guy.

Also, when I was a mite I was playing the Gladiators (who played out of the Coliseum, the Flyers' practice facility at the time). Ron Hextall's son, Brett, was on the other team and I accidentally knocked him over. I helped him up because I was afraid his dad was going to beat the hell out of my dad.

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