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09-25-2010, 11:06 PM
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Ok Children, Here's your bedtime story:

Started the day at the Atlanta Thrashers Fan Club meeting. If you aren't a member, at least look at the website.

Even out-of-towners can be members. There is even a sect in Australia! The fanclub was almost 600 in the first year last year, right now, it's about 450 before the season even starts. Raised over $10,000 for charities last year. So far, this year (over the summer) have raised $4000 at the Six Flags fun walk. Bogo joined the group for that day.

Rich Peverley came up and spoke, thanked the crowd, mistakenly said, "the 4 guys from Nashville won the Cup," then laughed and said, "nope, Nashville didn't win nothin!" Everyone enjoyed that. He said the team really likes that Ramsay started the year teaching and working the system immediately. He also said they were looking forward to the upcoming road trips for bonding. Said the team never bonded at the start of last year.

Then Don Waddell made a surprise appearance thanking the fans and talking about the coaching staff and Dudley. He wasn't supposed to be there, but it was very nice of him to come up and say hello.

The Thrashers have the 2nd largest fanclub in the NHL and other teams have called to see how it's done. So, if you haven't yet, check out the website.

OK, now on to warm-ups..... Little, Peverley, and Thorburn wore the A's. Nope, not Bogo or Enstrom!

Burmistrov and Peverley were the last off the ice. Burmi was last on Tuesday as well. I guess he really, really likes to be like Ovechkin (wants #8 jersey, too).

Pavelec looked much better in warmups tonight. The guys had trouble scoring during the late scrum. That was when he was flopping all over. Good stuff!

GAme started, This WAS NOT your daddy's Thrashers!!!! The system was well played. We had the advantage territorially. Shots were 7-1 with 6 mins left in the period. GOOD=Forecheck was awesome and we were CYCLING THE PUCK! Especially with Modin in there, but BAD=no one would shoot and no one was going to the dirty area in the crease when we had the puck.

Then the penalty parade started and we had to kill 4 straight minutes on stupid trips. Carolina always has the reputation of diving and they did it with precision tonight. We had way to many penalty kills. But GOOD=the penalty kill was awesome, even the 5-on-3 that we killed late in the game.

Sorry that Samsonov got hurt but he appeared to launch himself into the boards when he stepped on Buff's stick. Yes, it was a tripping call, but it wasn't that severe that anyone thought the result would happen. But Samsonov crashed head first right into the angle where ice meets board. It was ugly and I hope he's OK, I haven't even looked it up yet.

Anyways, here's some good:
1. No more backpedaling defensemen! Remember the days of 2 guys coasting back into the goalie's groin? Not tonight! We were standing them up at the blueline and the forwards were crowding the neutral zone when they weren't pressing the forecheck. Very cool to watch!

2. Burmistrov belongs. He is tough, needs to learn to move the puck quicker but he was in position to take a couple of nice shots off passes tonight. He absolutely FLATTENED Joe Corvo when Corvo had the puck at the boards and wasn't looking to get hit. The crowd enjoyed it very much.
Also, he made a rush towards the end of the first and totally undressed the Carolina D-man on the play but he was too wide to get off a good shot and no one was coming at a good scoring angle to take a pass. But it was nice.

3. Modin is a great signing. He was strong all night. And smart. He was the 2nd best player on the ice for the Thrashers. Great in his own end and very strong on the puck in their end.

4. Best player on the ice tonight was Dustin Byfuglien, no one else was close. This guy is like having 4 forwards. If you thought Bogo used to join the rush just wait til you see Buff. AND HE NEVER LOOKED WINDED!
Sweet hands and if someone knocked the puck off his stick, he just ran over the guy to get it back.
He had some crushing checks and has an accurate shot from the point. He made 2 end to end rushes and chased down pucks in the O-zone, then rushed back to the Defensive end. Everyone was as happy to watch him as we were with Pettersson last game. Dudley knows what he's talking about. Buff will score plenty of goals and will be our goalie's best friend too.

5. Brent Sopel is solid. He blocked shots and it rubbed off as even Rich Peverley got down to block a shot on the PK. We had quite a few blocks (Modin also). There was never a nervous moment with him on the ice. Even with the scrub partner Welch.

6. Bogo-Enstrom....they need some time to get it together again. Enstrom was manhandled quite a bit compared to everyone else on the ice. The goal we gave up was not necessary. Bogo, Enstrom, Mason, and Peverley were all fighting each other. There were no Canes on the play and someone accidentally knocked the puck across the crease for an empty net tap in. Sad that that was how we lost it.

7. Thorburn held his own at center. Eager was more noticeable. Pettersson was obvious as was Burmistrov tonight.

1. PLEASE PLEASE get rid of the scrubbage! LIke I said in the pre-game, Little/Ladd had no help and Bergfors was invisible because of his linemates! THis needs to be the end of Stewart, Holzapfel (there isn't anyone in the jersey), Machacek, and Welch.

2. Stewart made a mistake of dropping the gloves for a fight right off an offensive end face-off that went straight back to Byfuglien. He was winding up for a big open slapshot when the whistle blew. And Stewart got manhandled and tossed hard to the ice.

3. Bogo fired a puck down the ice but it was blocked by the unlucky hand of the linesman. The sound was like it hit a plastic helmet but it was his hand that exploded. He was bleeding pretty bad right away and they walked him off the ice to look at it. Nasty!

4. We took a ton of shots but most were on the ice and several didn't get thru to the goalie. The PP never worked. No one was in front of the net (Calling Mr. Antropov).

5. Lastly, it was noticeable that we really didn't have anyone with glaring speed like Afinogenov or Kovalchuk variety. Several guys had clear breakout pass receptions (the good) but no one broke away once they got the puck at center ice.

6. The guys looked a little spent in the second half of the third period. They never gave up, but all the penalty kills took their toll.

Well, another really good sight was the several 2 on 1's where a nice pass was made that JUSSSSST missed a tip-in stick. Hopefully, in time that will come.

All in all, a GREAT defensive and forechecking effort tonight. Mason is just what we need. I felt very good that we won't lose any games by more than a couple of goals, but we have to get some chemistry going with the Roster guys. Hopefully, it will continue to get better Monday night.

Ask any questions, I'm sure I forgot some stuff. But mostly, was happy with the effort.

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