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09-26-2010, 12:53 AM
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For sticks, it's really a preference thing. Traditionally, right handers will shoot right handed (meaning right hand is on lower part of stick) and vice-versa. However, the thinking is that for better stickhandling you want your dominant hand on top of the stick because that's where a lot of the coordination happens. Therefore, if you are right handed you'd want your right hand on the handle and left hand lower. At the end of the day, do whatever feels right to you. You may be a better stick handler shooting left, but can't do a slapshot to save your life. You're just gonna have to stick to shooting right or try both out till you find what's comfortable for you.

As for goalie...think of it like baseball. You're right handed but you catch with the left. Again, the dominant hand is used for blocking and stick handling since it's the stronger hand you can get a better grip on the stick, etc.

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