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Originally Posted by Sideline View Post
Swimming is great. It's only as intense as you want it to be and almost nothing like hockey so it's a good change of pace for a kid on the ice 3+ times a week.

Talk to a doctor before you let him get into weight training; 11 or 12 years old might be (probably is) to soon to start high impact strength work depending on his physical maturity.

I'll echo what Harv said as well. If your kid came to you and said "Dad I want to get serious about hockey, what else can I do off ice?" then by all means push him a little harder into something that will make him a better hockey player. If this is you dreaming of life as Troy Crosby do yourself and your boy a favour and play Xbox with him instead.
You all have very good points, but this is not me pushing/telling him to do more.

He has come to us (Mother & I) asking for it. His team practices twice a week and usually one game, MAYBE two a week. He plays other sports at school as well.

He does have a shooting pad and net set up and the garage and uses it when he wants.

We are NOT forcing/suggesting/telling him to do anything. I agree that 12yrs old is too young to lift weights ... so I suggested just doing body weight squats and things like pushups and the plank...or to go roller blading.

Do I think that he's the next whoever...hell no! He's just really focused about hockey. He's 12yrs old, 5'11" and 165lbs ... plays mostly the wing and sometimes defense.

Again, thank you all for your suggestions and comments ... but what does a parent do when your kid comes to you wanting to better himself in his chosen sport?


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