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09-26-2010, 03:51 PM
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Wow, 5'11" 165 at 12 years old? BIG kid!

Sounds like he's already very active, plenty of hockey/other sports, but if he really wants to work on getting stronger I agree that body weight excercises are a good idea. Make sure to really stress good form/complete range of motion over lots of reps. As you suggested, push ups, body weight squats and the plank are good ones, also pull ups, chin ups, dips, crunches, etc.

Just a general note about weight training for younger kids, it used to be thought that it could stunt growth/injure growth plates, but for healthy kids with good nutrition I think this has more or less been proven false. I think the main issue is maturity, at that age they might not know their own limits and will often sacrifice form/safety to try to lift heavier weights than they can properly handle, potentially injuring themselves. Also, they won't see nearly as much benefit as they will at an older age, since testosterone is key for building muscle and young kids don't have as much of it. But if he's really enthusiastic and really pushing for more training, then I don't see the harm in showing him how to do a bunch of body weight exercises, and just letting him do them whenever he wants.

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