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04-28-2005, 05:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Matty
Koivu < Yashin: I like Koivu a lot more and I'm sure most would agree. But Koivu has his problems as well - mainly his inability to be relied upon to stay healthy which as a #1 center is important. 2 seasons of 70+ games in 9 years isn't good enough.

Ribeiro <<< Peca: This isn't even all. Though I would argue that Bonk is Montreal's best center at this pont anyway.
Bonk > Scatchard: Again, Bonk is Montreal's best center as of now so I doubt he'll receive 3rd line minutes and if I were Montreal's coach, I would simply replace Ribs with Bonk. But as for Scatch or Bonk, IMO it's very, very close as Scatch brings a rare combination of talent, grit, and heart.

Mo > Koivu: IMO this is based on injury history. Again, you have to be able to rely on your #1 center.

Henrik > Ribeiro: I wouldn't even hesitate to take Hank over Ribs. Hank's overall game is far superior to Ribs IMO.

Chubarov < Bonk: Don't know where Kesler comes from seeing as how he hasn't even played a full season. Anyways, Chubbs defensive game is huge and vastly underrated IMO but Bonk is the far superior 2-way forward.

This takes away a lot of your credibility. Bonk is no where near Koivu, there are far more things to consider in players then points, Koivu is not only at least an equal offensively, but he destroys him in pretty much every department.
Henrik Sedin better then Ribeiro? I'm a big Ribeiro basher, but thats clearly from someone who only watches the 2nd part of hockey night in Canada(even though the leafs are playing 1st parts , you can watch french CBC). Ribeiro, wether people on the boards like it or not, is a sick talent, if you watch him thats something you just cant take away.

I'm not satisfied with our center situation, but then again, I think a lot of teams are much weaker and its not groups like Vancouvers or Carolina that'll make me jealous.

Yashin is superior to Koivu though, guys with his talent are very rare in this league.

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