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04-28-2005, 05:49 PM
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ignoring contracts, I don't think there is a GM in the league that would take Ribeiro over Peca. Peca can play the 2nd line role - but he's effective in many other areas that Ribeiro just can't measure up. I don't care if there was a 25 pt difference in their stats last year, Peca just brings much more to any team than Ribeiro does.

Yashin and Koivu is debatable... Yashin IMO is a better goal scorer, but Koivu has the ability to make his linemates better and brings much more leadership to a team. I'd personally take Koivu over Yashin, contracts ignored.

Bonk is also a solid player, but for a 3rd line role, I'd perfer Scatchard. He plays a gritty style and brings sandpaper to the team. Plus he can more than provide the necessary offense from the 3rd line. Bonk is a better offensive player, but I'd trade that offense for a grittier 3rd liner, who excels in the defensive center role.

Montreal's center situation has a bunch of question marks attached to it right now... like I said before, I wouldn't worry about messing with it right now until it proves it needs to be messed with - because there are other bigger priorities IMO with that team. But a team who's #1 center is a health question mark every season, a #2 center that doesn't add anything else, but points, and even then has only really done it once getting lots of icetime (which he might not get when the team will likely give Bonk more icetime next season), and then Bonk - who really hasn't ever played a 3rd line defensive shut-down type role before.

They can all prove to be a solid trio down the middle next year, but it's far from a sure thing. There are a lot of other team's top 3 I would take instead of the Habs because they are safer picks, who are already proven in the roles they are asked to play.

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