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10-04-2003, 10:27 AM
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Originally Posted by HABitude
Yeah, I guess you're one of these Saku-die-hard fans, you meet other fans in a dark church and lamb sacrifices to the Saku-God icon statue. LOL

Some facts: habs didn't made the PO 4 times in the last 5 years, coincidence with Saku as our 1rst line center. Last time we made the PO, Saku was not here, Perreault was our 1rst line center.

Houle builded a team around Saku's friends: Savage, Ruzinsky and Rivet.
We saw the results.
Saku is the captain of one of the most ununited/separate individuals team of NHL.
He never speak to some of his teamates, he have 3 or 4 friends, that's all. This is a fact.
We lost Turgeon, Damphousse, Schneider, Keane, Roy, Conroy, Recchi, Thornton and Berezin (maybe some others). We never made the PO with Saku as a 1rst line center /and captain.

This is also some short of pathetic.

Time to get rid of an inapropriate captain.
Koivu was injured for the biggest part of those 4 seasons.

Last time we made the playoffs, Theo was GOD.

Houle ruined a team.

Ever noticed the ever comming new players? There are sooo many players that come and go, each year, that's it's sure we can't have an unified team. Most were depth players, but still. If you want chemistry, the team must stay put. We need to add depth a bit everywhere because the team stinks, we added flawed players (Perreault, Audette, Czerkawski, Berezin, etc...) that mostly think about themselves, that's not gonna help the team's spirit. We're in a transitionnal period. This team isn't the one we're going to see, just at the end of this season. We're fulfilling with crappy players until the kids are ready. If you want to judge Saku as a captain, wait for him to have a team to lead...

Turgeon>*he asked for a trade, wasn't happy with third line role.
Damphousse>*wasn't deserving his salary.
Schneider> had sex with Roy's wife, why you even bring his name?
Keane> went in the Roy deal...
Roy>*you missed that game against the Red Wings?
Conroy> wtf? he wasn't even on the big team! he was part of the Corson deal.
Recchi> he was Saku's friend...
Thornton> wasn't playing hard enough.
Berezin> he stinks and wasn't producing. was dealt from Chicago, too.

Stop making stuff up, this makes no sense. Think before you post, thanks.

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