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04-28-2005, 05:56 PM
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Neither one of those two can fight. LOL! I really like Richardsand he was clearly the aggressor, but Mike, buddy, keep the gloves on when you get to the show. Let those that know how throw 'em!

For those who did not view the video, or have never been in one of those, Richards was throwing them from waaaaayyyy down town, wild with no accuracy, both arms extended out as far as they could go, just wild flailing. Perry was messing his drawers, praying Richards would miss, and that the fight would be over soon. Perry was in constant motion ........ backwards, with Richards holding on with an outstretched left arm and his right back on some street corner in Detroit. It is very hard to connect solidily when throwing wild haymakers like that. It is a good thing these guys are playmakers.

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