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09-27-2010, 08:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Beastieboy View Post
Stories from behind Flyers bench...

A Wild fan about 4 rows back yelled at Hartnell "Hartnell, why don't you teach Carcillo how to hit" after Carbomb missed a few hits on an early shift. Harts looked back at the guy and kind of gave a little smile. Later, at end of period Hartnell walked by on his way to the dressing room and flipped the guy a Flyers puck. The guy said Hartnell was awesome last year as well (this from a fat guy in Wild jersey).

Same fan yelling at Carbomb "take some hitting lessons, maybe Hartnell can teach you, etc." Carbomb looks back at the guy and says "shut the ******* up. I'll cut that f***in' beard off your face with my stick." LOL. Then the fan starts heckling him about needing anger management classes... needing thicker skin, etc. Next period Carbomb gets ejected and Lavi turns bright red seething with rage. Sorry I didn't get a pick of him raging!
I missed this yesterday.

Two clear examples of dealing with fans, especially in hostile territory. Hartnell, who laughs off pretty much everything, and Carcillo who acts like a ****ing animal. There is NO reason whatsoever to speak to a heckler that way. None. If you can't banter back with something fun, shut the **** up.

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