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09-27-2010, 10:40 AM
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Anyone have experience with Warrior Pro-Stocks?

I'm currently in the market for a new twig as my S17 blade is starting to fall apart. I've been using S17's for the last year or two, and while I love the stick the blades soften fairly quick. I do take a ton of snapshots, so I'm assuming that doesn't help, lol. Looking to pick up a cheaper replacement before this one gives up so I can use the S17 as a backup.

I'm stuck between two very different sticks. I know the difference between retail and pro-stocks, and those differences are a non-factor. I'm looking more to which is the better stick for the money.

I'm between a retail Vapor X:40 and this stick, a pro-stock Warrior Dolo DD.

It's the Dolo that I don't know much about as far as weight, durability, puck-feel, etc. I've read a ton about the X:40 being a great price-point stick, and some reviews say the puck feel is kind of crummy but overall it's a good stick. Would the Warrior pro-stock be a bit better overall? It's right on the money as far as price goes for me (no-pun intended, lol).

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