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Originally Posted by Splitbtw View Post
Where does the majority of a sticks puck feel come from? Blade? Shaft? Both? Which has the greater impact?
First of all HI!

Feel of the puck comes mostly from the hands and PRACTICE, but I think I understand your question.

There are a TON of choices for hockey stick technologies out there, and the answer will most likely differ across the board. It's like the first time you buy a composite stick coming from woodies and it feels like the blade of your stick is made of ceramic, and the vibration from a hard pass is intensified.

That said, I have found that the blade has a larger effect on MY feel of the puck, but could be different for others. I only made the jump to composite sticks 2 years ago, and am still trying to find one that feels like WOOD! I like the Easton ST right now, but nothing feels like a 5030!

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