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09-27-2010, 12:03 PM
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Why is it the worst player on a team....

Is the one who chirps and runs their mouths?

Had a game yesterday, my team was 6-1 heading into the game, team we were playing was 1-7, we only had 5 skaters and picked up a D league goalie to fill in because our goalie didn't show, plus 4 out of the 5 of us were up in the bar having a few beers watching football before the game..

Anyways, I go into the corner after a puck, the defenseman cross checks me across the shoulder blades I move the puck and shove him and start skating to get open, he starts chirping and asks what am I going to do, so I stop, turn and start skating towards him and he starts skating backwards away from me talking sheet, so I give him a pretty good cross check across the chest, he drops like he was shot and starts screaming at the officials because there was no call... The play goes the other way, he goes off (we were losing 2-0 at the time), he starts chirping at me from the bench asking how I like losing,etc,etc...I was like "Dude your 1-7....You probably haven't scored a goal yet this session"

Done with my rant but I just like how the worst player decides to chirp and acts like a baby when he's talking sheet and someone stands up to him

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