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09-27-2010, 12:04 PM
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Originally Posted by dccuse View Post
Rather see stepan start in the A. If he dominates there then we can call him up later in the season when he's already hot, let him work off the momentum, also gives him an easier place to practice taking control of the professional game. Also, he can work with grachev and maybe Zuc to develop chemistry and a line that could eventually make the shift, in tact, up to the big leagues.

Let Christensen center gabby and frolov for now. We all know hes just a placeholder but right now hes more comfortable than stepan and can maybe help us win a few games until stepan has dominated a level below.

Yes stepan in the nhl would be exciting, and yes he's probably capable. But over the longhaul hell probably be slightly overmatched/worndown - let him work on the pro game - he's 20, theres really no urgency as far as how quick he gets to nhl ice. Let him build the confidence that he can dominate.

I like the way things are shaping up. The year is going to start out with more of a veteran presence in the forward slots with young guys pushing from every position to get the call up (grachev, step, zuc).

Frolov Christ Gaborik
Dubinsky Anisimov Avery
Prospal Drury Callahan
Boyle Kennedy Prust

I think white gets cut.

Then as the year progresses avery is being pushed, prospal is being pushed, boyle is being pushed (weise). Hopefully stepan can hover under a ppg in the A and push christensen to the point where he's unloadable.

Season finishes

Frolov Anisimov/Stepan Gaborik
Dubinsky Stepan/Anisimov Zucc
Prospal Drury Callahan
Weise kennedy Prust

Gradual infusion rather than sending out a team with 4/5 rookies (including D). Still need to aim for the playoffs.
I think the Stepan situation (with Drury injured) will be handled simliar to how MDZ was last year. He will get to start with the big club and if he impresses will stay up.

Im fine with these cuts...a little surprised with MZA, thought he would at least last till the final round.

Also, i think they should try to dump sauer, maybe a packaged trade with a forward. Right now Valentenko>gilroy but i could see gilroy making it.

Should be interesting and I like how our d-core is shaping up!

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