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09-27-2010, 01:17 PM
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Originally Posted by DubiDubiDoo View Post
Why should cablevision care whats important to Verizon subscribers? To dismiss the fact that they sell MSG to anyone who wants it, but skewer them for not providing it in the quality that the other companies customers desire is just wrong. No one that orders Fios is missing Rangers games, its that simple, they are just missing them in HD. While that may make Verizon customers sad, thats not cablevisions problem. The ball remains in Verizons court to prove some type of disadvantage because of it.
This part of the discussion has gone full circle now. We're talking semantics. Instead of going round and round it's time to move on now. I do not agree with your above statement, and you obviously won't agree with mine. Let's leave it at that.

You say its Cablevisions problem and I agree, but my retort is Verizon and others took their problems to the FCC and got a ruling, and thats all I'm saying Cablevison will do if forces to not only share its content but also its quality.
You see the FCC ruling is suppose to support fair competition, yet you seem to care nothing about fair competition when its a small company trying to compete with a large one (like my example of cablevision not being able to outbid a national company) You cant have it both ways. If I want NFL Sunday ticket I HAVE TO HAVE DIRECT TV, there is no competition I can turn too to get it. If you want MSG in HD go to the company that has it, Cablevision.
What FCC ruling are we talking about? I truly don't know, I don't follow this stuff closely.

Apparently we just have huge philosophical differences on this issue, and I respect your opinion on all these matters. I just have a very different opinion, and the FCC and law are very wishy washy on their enforcement and reasoning of the rules.
I'm sure we could agree that if the rules were clear and concise this would have been resolved years ago.
The rules should clearly state that people who own networks cannot also own the vehicle that supplies the network...that would eliminate the conflicts of interest. And a company like Cablevision would not have something they can hold over the heads of Verizon, etc. It's not like DirecTV has their own networks which they withhold from Cablevision (or supply only the SD feed and withhold the HD feed), but that may be coming.

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