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09-27-2010, 01:33 PM
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Originally Posted by JTG32005 View Post
I have not tried making them myself. I don't really keep beer in my house, to be honest. I don't often get in the mood to sit on my couch and drink beer unless my friends are over (which we don't go to eachothers' houses often). I keep my drinking to a bar.

Blue Moon and Guinness mixed together really work well together. The rich taste of the Guinness is perfectly balanced by the light sweetness of the Blue Moon. If you were using a Guinness with high abv, you'd probably lose some of that balance.
I see. My girlfriend supposedly loves Guinness and bought a 6-six a few weeks ago, she also loves Heineken about bought a 6-pack of that a few months ago as well and still has a few left over. So needless to say I'll have some Guinness laying around to try this experiment as long as I'm willing to buy a 6-pack of Blue Moon, Blue Moon is alright so why not?. How significant is it to pour the Guinness in over a spoon? I take it it's to help foam it up some and prevent mixing them up too much?

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