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09-27-2010, 03:11 PM
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I'm the worst player on my team, but I've only ever mouthed off twice at an opposing player.

Once was when we had a bunch of guys not show up on our team and were therefore getting wrecked on the scoreboard by our "rival" team (this is rec roller league, only our rivals cause they're captain and our captain have bad history. Most of their guys are cool though), whom we'd beaten earlier in the season by a few goals. The biggest a-hole on their team scores a goal (making it 7-2 or something like that) and then swings his leg over his stick and rides it down the full length of the court, pumping his fist and screaming, then does the "shhhhh" thing as he goes by our bench (still riding his stick). So our bench started yelling at him for being so unsportsmanlike, especially since minus him and 1 other guy they had, most of our team was friends with their team.

Only other time was in retaliation to being chirped at, kinda like the OP had happen to him. I was crashing the net for a rebound and the opposing defender shoved me into his own goalie, knocking the goalie's stick out. So I get up and try to circle the net to get back in the play (rebound kicked out and the other team was rushing our zone), and start feeling cross checks in the back. I wasn't even fully up so I fell back down and kept getting cross checked by the defender that shoved me, as he's yelling "Don't knock out my goalies stick!". He keeps yelling even as the ref is pulling him towards the box to serve his crosschecking penalty so I just yell back "He'd have it if you didn't shove me into him" and he yells "You're getting the wall next shift!" and I reply "yeah, we'll see". I played near the boards the whole rest of the game, dude never even came near me. Probably realized that I out-sized him by quite a bit and thought better of his threat

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