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Originally Posted by StarBurns View Post
If you think Bozak, Grabovski and Kadri are small, you've seen nothing yet. Brent is tiny and plays tiny and his skating is average. Terrible choice even as a short term solution.
Brent is bigger than Kadri and Grabovsky - in height and weight.
Bozak edges him out by 1" and 7lbs.
Mitchell edges him out by 1", but Brent has a few pounds on him.
Of course, Hanson towers over them all.

So he's right in the middle, size wise. Definitely not the smallest centre we have. Whether he "plays small" is debatable though. I think he plays with a bit more grit than Kadri and Mitchell, who are his direct competition.

I think Brent is a good option for the third line, at least on a try-out basis. You don't notice him - which is a GOOD thing. You notice Kadri making horrible turnovers. You notice Mitchell dangling with no skills to back it up. Brent keeps things in order quietly, albeit with not a ton of offensive upside just yet.

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