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09-27-2010, 03:03 PM
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Originally Posted by GoGuins8711 View Post
Yeah I was just wondering about glasses. Been wanting to pick up a pint glass or two, don't really know where to look though. I usually buy my beer at Wegmans, I don't think I've ever seen any there but I never really looked...
I bought a set of 4 one time at a Bed Bath and Beyond that were just traditional 16 oz pints. The kind that taper down from the widest part at the top.

My gf bought me a set of 4 Guinness glasses at BBB also.

I recently bought 4 Dogfish Head glasses from the Brewery when I was down there last month that are very nice. They have a kind of anti-hourglass shape to them. My sister was at a bar one night where DFH was doing a tasting and was given two, and passed one along to me.

I was also given 2 Smuttynose glasses one night in Fuel and Fuddle, that are the standard pint glass but much thicker glass than the ones from BBB and have the logo on the side.

Unfortunately, one of our cats got up in the strainer basket that we use for dishes and put an end to one of the DFH glasses and one of the Smuttynose ones. Jerks.

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