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09-27-2010, 03:39 PM
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It's very simple as far as I'm concerned. Good players let their play do the talking. Bad players let their mouths do the talking.

Now, you will occasionally get the really good player who is a D-bag and thinks he is so much better than everyone else, and you also get a lot of the lowest level players not causing any problems, but generally, that seems to be the case.

For me, I played at a decently high/competitive level, and now I play men's league, where I'm one of the top players in the league (the league is decent I suppose, nothing amazing though). I have played in intense, full-contact games in front of packed arenas, so I'm really not going to go nuts over a men's league game and try to hurt someone. I play hard, but I can honestly say I have never once tried to cheap shot someone in men's league (or any league that I can remember).

But, for a lot of these guys, they never got to play contact. It's funny, because every guy you meet who doesn't play hockey always says the same thing..."oh man, if I played hockey I'd just go around wrecking everybody", you wouldn't because you can't skate, and the weakest kid who could skate would destroy you simply due to lack of balance. But, all of these guys who are new to playing the game, or just aren't any good at anything else, start to assume the role of the "goon". Not only is the league non-contact, but everyone in the league can fly right around these guys, making it so even if they were allowed to throw a check, they wouldn't be able to what do they do? Resort to cheap stuff after the play when people are standing still, stick work, other crap when no one is looking.

Unfortunately it seems like it will never go away...just keep your head up I suppose.

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