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Originally Posted by biggs98 View Post
So you'll be switching to either Fios or Dish which also require you to have a box on every tv???......

I think Cablevision is doing what anyone else would do while in competition. Good for them. I know if I had a product that the competition didn't have I wouldn't let my competition have it either. It's like "Here ya go Fios, take msg hd and news12 along with a couple hundred thousand customers and good luck with your company...if you need anything else just ask" Makes no sense. If you want MSG HD bad enough switch. I'm a HUGE Ranger fan so I would get whoever had what I wanted. People are still stuck in the 50's, where they think TV should be given to them for free. Just my 2cents.
This isn't competition, this is anti-competitive. You think it's fine now, but would it still be fine if you had to have Comcast to get any of NBC-Universal's content (and Versus and the other crap Comcast already owns) in HD? Or if Disney bought Time Warner and you could only get ESPN in HD if you have TWC? How awesome would that be?

It's bad for consumers when content producers use their exclusive content in an anti-competitive way. That's what happens when the content producer and the content provider are owned by the same people. You say you would just go with whatever provider can give you the Rangers, but you shouldn't HAVE to choose based on the Rangers.

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