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Originally Posted by infidelappel View Post
See, this is the problem around here. If you say something is a bad idea going in, people just say "WELL THAT WAS ALL PART OF THE PLAN." And then if it proves to be a bad idea, it's just "well, it was part of the plan, so we didn't know it would be that way so it was still fine."

I know the hope is that Guerin can play his limited ice time and chip in offensively and be solid defensively and all that. I was very excited that he came to camp because I believed he could do just that. However, since I've seen him play I am not convinced that he can do that job, so I'm worried that signing him will be a bad idea.

Given that he has had a bad training camp, if he fails it doesn't mean that it's forgivable because he was a reclamation project. When a player comes to your organization ON A TRYOUT and fails to demonstrate value, then makes a roster he doesn't deserve to be on and continues to play below the expectations for that roster spot, then that's not okay. And if he's only here on a "tryout" because he had a handshake in place and still fails to produce in the regular season, then that's only worse and further demonstrates why the good ole' boy approach to running the Flyers has continued to let us down with our on-ice product.

I'm not saying that WILL happen,'s possible he's sandbagging training camp because it doesn't matter and will do fine in the regular season (but doubtful). I'm just saying it's the most likely scenario, given what he's demonstrated. And if it just so happens that he does suck just as bad in the regular season as he has in preseason, I hope you'll be man enough to admit you were horribly wrong.
There is an old saying I have used in the past....give someone enough rope to hang themselves, it is up to Homer and Laviolette to finalize the roster and live with their decisions. At this point we are so deep in Homers mess that you really have no choice, it is what it is.

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