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09-27-2010, 04:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post
Offer better service? Offer cheaper rates? Keep giving away iPods? Right now, Cablevision's picture is nowhere near FiOS's picture. Their customer service sucks. Upgrade both of those and people will flock back.

A lot of people left Cablevision due to the customer service. We did when we switched to DirecTV ages ago. We left DirecTV because FiOS had better TV picture and the internet was a huge step up from the old Verizon DSL we had.

Cablevision will improve their market share by offering a better product. You cannot restrict a channel to your own subscribers as it is 100% anti-competition.

If Cablevision had the picture quality and internet speed of FiOS, do you think anyone would have left? I certainly don't.
Thats all fine and good, I definately see you point, but my argument is more customers equal more revenue. How can cablevision spend on advertising, research and development, infrastructure, etc.. what a company that sells nationwide can? They cant, and thats whats destroying this country, its the same reason the mom and pop can compete with walmart. one thing a mom and pop can do to compete with walmart though is sell exclusive items, this for some reason is no longer allowed in cable tv though.

According to your theory, pretty soon the only player left will be verizon, they have the best product, the most cash, they can sell their product at a loss to starve out the competition, produce more ads with more lies (cable and verizon both do enough of that admittedly) and plan on jacking up the rates once they dominate the market... and then where does the competition come from?

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