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09-27-2010, 04:40 PM
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I took my first penalty as a beer league goalie, ever, last weekend. It's been about five years since I started men's league.

It's a tie game with under 10 minutes left, and one guy -- easily the most skilled player on their B-league team -- went for a wraparound, but my defenceman got in his way. The puck slides from behind/beside the net to the post, so I froze it between the post and my skate with my stick, putting my glove on top of for good measure. The whistle blows. All of the sudden, the guy comes and gives two good hacks at the back of my trapper.

My two defencemen came in pretty quick to push him away, but I guess my frustration got the better of me, and I got up and facewashed him with my trapper. I'm fairly mild-mannered, so doing something like this is way out of character for me. A big scrum started, and after all the penalties were dished out, my facewash gave them a 2-minute man advantage.

Right after the penalty kill ended, a low shot came in from the point; I went down into butterfly, made an easy save, and froze the rebound against my pad. The same guy came in, gave me two hacks after the whistle again, and mouthed off to me. I stood up, gave him a silent poker face, and stared him down. A message to tell him "I might have lost my cool before, but I'm not letting you under my skin again." And again, my defencemen came in and threw some words his way.

He never got a penalty for either incident, but I stopped all their shots after the first incident, and we scored the game winner on a SH breakaway in the last minute. The way I figure it, that's got to sting more than any physical thing I could have done to that guy.

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