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Originally Posted by Kritter471 View Post
You're lucky you have an all-women's league in your area, though I don't mind playing with guys. I do mind not really knowing any of my teammates' names for at least half the season since we don't see them in the locker room or anything. I know them as "blue socks" or "yellow stick" or "tall dude."
Yeah, I hate that feeling, especially because they all usually remember my name since I'm normally the only woman. It's also awkward when you don't recognize them when they're not wearing their hockey gear and helmets, since you don't see them in the locker room.

Originally Posted by shoeshine boy View Post
imo, you're missing out on all the good stuff by not dressing with your teammates. for kids I can understand why you might need to separate them but for anybody over the age of 20 you should be mature enough at that age to deal with it. I've known girls that didn't like it and guys that didn't like it and that's totally their right. the guys on all of my teams (yes, despite the username I am female) are totally cool with it. they know I'm not "looking" at them and I really don't care if they're looking at me though I will admit that I don't get even close to nekkid.
and no, I don't go into the showers but that has more to do with the grossness of the shower stalls than anything else. I do know a few women who do.
I sometimes change with the guys - it depends on the situation. With the mens team I've played with for a few seasons now I change with them, since I know them and they expect it now. For open hockey, or if I was starting with a new team I didn't know I probably wouldn't go change in their locker room, just because it could be really awkward if they're not expecting that.

I agree it's much better if you can change with your teammates - half the fun of hockey is hanging out in the locker room afterwards.

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