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04-28-2005, 10:42 PM
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OK so Yashin coming off an injury excuses his poor results this year but Koivu coming off of CANCER still beat Yashin's production 2 years ago. What's his excuse for that year?

I'm also wondering why you're bringing in career stats for Koivu and Yashin when I've clearly stated that Yashin was better in the past when Koivu was injured a lot but that RIGHT NOW Yashin and Koivu are different players than they were. RIGHT NOW, Koivu is outproducing Yashin who was injured last year but then so was Koivu, and Yashin has no excuse for 2 years ago when Koivu came back from cancer and still outscored him. To say his production was more akin to that of a 3rd liner is ridiculous unless that 3rd liner is Bonk, I don't know of any other 3rd line centre on pace for 66 points in a season.

Koivu's a great leader and a hard worker while the debate on Yashin is whether or not he's a cancer and whether or not he's in good terms with your captain. That may all be exagerations to sell papers but the fact remains that no one would even think of saying that about Koivu, there is no doubt about Koivu's leadership or heart. He's also produced more in the playoffs.

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